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Our International Training Centre (REC-ITC) provides various training courses covering a wide range of management and technical development areas. These are customer-specific courses with the support of our highly skilled and highly experienced team. Our courses are tailored so that they are most beneficial for all those attending.Please contact us to arrange a tailored session and find out the benefits!
Upcoming courses
Organisation Development & Raising Efficiency Dates:TBC
IT Service Management Business and Managerial Issues Dates:TBC

Our International Training Centre (ITC) can help you organise experts-led sessions on:

Skills and Management
  • Language Training
  • Organisation Management
  • International Relations
  • Information Technology
  • Information Technology, including:
    • Distributed Application Design
    • Embedded Systems Design Process and Implementation
  • E-systems, E-Government issues and Applications:
    • Database Management Systems (Design || Administration)
    • Docment Management Systems – DocBase (i.e. Documentum)
    • Data Centres and Cloud Security
  • Telecommunications and future mobile systems
  • Data Security
  • Smart Devices Applications (Android & IPhone) *Become an expert in days!*
  • Industrial and Security automation and Robotics

We Will:

  • Meet your individual training needs.
  • Improve your productivity and efficiency.
  • Provide a high quality learning experience.
  • Provide a warm and friendly learning environment.
  • Employ caring, professional and knowledgeable staff.

Why choose our courses?

  • Receive a FREE consultation with an expert team.
  • Benefit from an individually designed training programmes.
  • Have your own Key contact point throughout your course.
  • Enjoy flexible training at your workplace at a time to suit you.
  • Enjoy the course with highly qualified and experienced trainers.
  • Work towards an external qualification if required.